Brent Ryan Bellamy

Photo of Brent, who smiles and looks towards the viewer. He is bearded, has blue glasses, and wears a button-down shirt. The camera focuses on him in the foreground, and the green lawn in the background is out of focus. © Gagne Photo. Used with permission.
© Gange Photo. Used with Permission

| Teaching

Brent Ryan Bellamy is an instructor in Cultural Studies and in English at Trent University. He teaches courses in critical worldbuilding, energy humanties, graphic fiction, and science fiction.

| Writing

Bellamy currently studies narrative, US literature and culture, science fiction, and the cultures of energy, and has published broadly on energy, film, literature, and science fiction. He has published book reviews, journal articles, and book chapters in various collections. His book Remainders of the American Century: Post-Apocalyptic Novels in the Age of US Decline will be published in Spring 2021 by Wesleyan University Press.

| Editing

Bellamy has edited several journal special issues and books, including Postmodern Culture on resource aesthetics, Reviews in Cultural Theory on energy humanities, Science Fiction Studies on climate crisis, Materialism and the Critique of Energy (MCM Prime Publishing), and An Ecotopian Lexicon (University of Minnesota Press). He works as the managing editor of Imaginations: Revue d’Études Interculturelles de l’Image / Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies

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