Research Collaborations


Member of Petrocultures Research Cluster: The Petrocultures Research Cluster at the University of Alberta supports research on the social and cultural implications of oil and energy on individuals, communities, and societies around the world today. Since 2011, the research activities of Petrocultures have played a crucial role in enhancing and expanding this research, and in the process has positioned the U of A at the forefront of a growing field of academic study.


Participant of 2015 After Oil School : The AOS is space designed to allow leading thinkers in the field of the “energy humanities” to develop the founding commitments, research questions, and areas of research for this new area of study. Participants attending this year’s AOS will focus on better understanding the challenges of energy impasse and energy transition. “Impasse” names the problem and “transition” the urgency: modern societies remain deeply reluctant to venture the monumental re-conception and re-fashioning of core modes, practices and values that must occur to allow genuine energy transition in the contemporary moment. Two linked commitments connect those who will be attending the event: 1) to explore and try to comprehend the enormous demands and complex possibilities involved in the global passage from oil-based to post-oil societies; and 2) to embrace the challenge of devising new modes through which to communicate such new knowledge.

Current Positions


Managing Editor and Web Editor for Imaginations: A Journal of Cross-Cultural Image StudiesImaginations is a multilingual, open-access journal of international visual cultural studies. It is published twice yearly and is double-blind peer-reviewed. As a knowledge democracy project, Imaginations is free to submit to and free to read. // Imaginations est une revue plurilingue à accès libre sur les études visuelles. Publiée deux fois par an, notre revue dispose d’un comité de lecture par des pairs en double aveugle.